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Admissions open for "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE" 2017-2018

(UPDATE August 1st)

Hello, everybody! The admissions are now open for the "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE" 2017-2018!

Until July 31st  August 31st you can book your spot and get a 20% off for the whole year!

The spots available are only 10! Currently, we have only 3 spots available!

So, hurry up! Ask me anything about the course at

Jazz & Blues Standards Soloing is ONLINE!


My new course "Jazz and Blues Standards Soloing" is now ONLINE!!

In this video course, you will learn how to improvise on some of the most famous songs in the Jazz Blues tradition, with the right feeling!

We will discuss how to analyze the song and approach improvising over it. Together we will build a repertoire that will improve your playing effectively. I will teach you my approach giving you note by note transcriptions and detailed harmonic overview of each standard.

Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar

Hello, guys! 
Here we are with a new exciting news!

After 15 years of teaching, master classes and concerts around the world, the most frequent questions that I get asked are: what scale did you use in that song? How did you consider that change? What kind of fingering do you use on that scale?

For this reason, I decided to make available this information using a new way of teaching through a new section on my website, covering specific topics on the Modern Blues. 


1° Masterclass about Modern Blues ONLINE

Hey everybody,

this post is dedicated to a new intiative that I had in mind since a long time.