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The new "EP 2015" is out, present on all digital stores.

David Pannozzo, the incredible EP of the Italian guitarist. Waiting for the new album not to be missed, here is the intense EP of Davide Pannozzo.

We did it!

Hello guys,

After 60 days of the campaign, we can say it: we did it! We managed to reach the goal. Indeed we passed it!

Thank you very much to all of you! Feeling your support and your love was really important!
It was a huge challenge for me, and it was great to feel so close to you.

Almost There!! Would you help me to hit the 100%?

Hello everyone,
I'm so excited to have you guys with me on this incredible journey! We reached 85%, and I'm sure together we can make it and hit 100% (and hopefully more!!). 

Hope you'll enjoy this video! That's Will Lee, Shawn Pelton & me having fun in the studio! :)

Please Pledge Now and make all this happens!


60% There - 30 more days!!

Hey guys,


We made it over the crucial 60% mark of my crowdfunding campaign!!!!
Thanks to: 

Why I used the Crowdfunding

Hey guys,

Let's start from here: The Scariest Thing You'll Ever Do is Probably the Only Think You Should do.

Imagine you could measure the likelihood of your financial and personal success by measuring your comfort zone.
I've been thinking about comfort zones lately because I am currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, which is confronting and so uncomfortable that it took me over a year to just get up the guts to launch it. 

At this point, I am at 29%, and I do not know if I will make my goal, but I do know this:

Together to support "Unconditional Love", the new album!

Here we are! The new exciting chapter of my career is about to start! 
But let me tell you everything from the beginning.

It was a cold December day and my dream started this way, with a voice from the other side of the ocean, ”Hi, this is Steve Jordan”.

Steve had listened to my music, and liked it. He was waiting for me. That’s why I decided to venture to the USA.

New Video Online! And more to follow..


Ciao a tutti! 

Con grande piacere vi annuncio che tra pochi giorni sarà disponibile una nuova uscita discografica dal titolo EP 2015, che aprirà le porte al nuovo disco che uscirà il prossimo anno.

Questa nuova uscita discografica sarà composta principalmente da cover, suonate live in studio in trio senza overdubbings e editing. Nudi e crudi insomma! :) 

News song on Patreon: "Quando" by Pino Daniele - [acoustic solo version]

After "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley, the new cover produced for the crowfunding project on Patreon  is "Quando" by Pino Daniele!

I decided to play this song in Acoustic Solo, a musical dimention that I totally love! 

I hope you'll like it too!

If you like, support me for the next productions on Patreon! Already with 1€ you can see the new videos in preview before we upload them on YT, with 5€ you can download an mp3 (hight quality encoding) to listen to the song whenever you want!

New song from "A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix"

Hi guys,

from the new album "A Potrait of Jimi Hendrix" here's a new song available for a free listening:


"Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)":

New cover on Patreon: Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

Hello to Everyone!

After "Old Love" by Eric Clapton, the new cover produced for the crowfunding project on Patreon  is "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley!


If you like, support me for the next productions!


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