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3° Masterclass di Modern Blues ONLINE


I'm happy to announce that on Friday, October 21st at 10,00 EDT, from New York in Live Streaming on the new teaching portal I'll be doing the 3° Masterclass of Modern Blues Guitar ONLINE!
We will talk about Harmony, will play together and I'll present you the new course "Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar"

The New DP pedalboard! Same size, different sound!

Hi everybody,

I'm going to show you my new pedalboard! After three years of intense live and studio sessions between Europe and the USA, I've decided to redesign my sound experimenting new solutions and new setups, which were smart and flexible.


"A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix" on top blues charts in Czech Republic, Japan and Amazon!!

"A Potrait of Jimi Hendrix" is going great! This success seems unstoppable, and that is slowly gaining a lot of fans around the world!

A project born of a bet, the desire to record "the old way", trying to bring a repertoire of songs written or performed by Jimi Hendrix among the less popular to the general public.

An enthusiastic article in the British "Blues & Soul" magazine!

Getting a full page on one of the most influential magazines in the UK makes me feel blessed.

Simon Redley at the end of his fantastic article on "Blues & Soul" magazine write: "if you dig Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Eric Johnson, Gary Moore, Carl Verheyen and Roy Buchanan this man is for YOU! Davide is surely an important part of the future of the blues if this staggering album ("A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix" NDR)  is anything to go by.."

"A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix" is the first classified on iTunes!

Finally today (Jimi's birthday), after months of waiting, "A Portrait Of Jimi Hendrix" was released in worldwide digital stores!

With great surprise we found our title #1 on iTunes Top 100 Blues Chart of Italy!!

Thank you so much to everyone who bought the title in pre-sale on iTunes! I hope to see you soon, hopefully during our Winter Tour, that will start on November 29th with Mark Mondesir as special guest on drums!


All the best,




The New Website is ONLINE!

Here we are with the new website version! There is also a "Blog" to stay in touch and get updates and weekly new posts! So stay connected, join to mailing list and come back soon!