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The New Album Is Here!

09 October 2017
Davide Pannozzo

Hey guys, 
I’m so excited to tell you the new album “Unconditional Love” produced by Steve Jordan & Will Lee is now available on iTunes in preorder!!

Has been a great journey so far, together we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign and we made a dream come true: we brought my new music into life with those top-notch musicians!! 

I can’t explain with words what it means to me! I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me through the years and on this new adventure.
I’m sure this is going to be amazing!! 

If you didn’t get it yet during the campaign, now you can! Click the link and get 3 tracks immediately! “Six Wires”, “Bring Me To The Light” and “The Purest Thing”! The rest is going to be released in your account on Oct 18th.


I can’t wait to hear your feedback!
Love ya,
Davide Pannozzo

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