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Playing MS Booster by Matteo Spiro

11 October 2015
Davide Pannozzo

Designed to meet the needs that other pedals fail to meet the MSB has the primary goal to maintain the dynamics of the instrument and have much possible headroom working at 18VDC while being fed with regular 9VDC.

Among the features that make it a unique and versatile pedal are:

  • Eq with TREBLE and BASS knob, completely transparent in flat condition for necessary adjust of the sound.
  • Possibility to connect a volume pedal (EXP) with Y-cable to adjust the boost volume (from silent or MIN VOLUME to set up on the pedal).
  • Possibility to set the minimum volume pedal (MIN VOLUME) to have the same sound by boost on and off with a volume pedal closed.
  • Possibility to TRUE BYPASS (volume pedal excluded from the chain with booster off) or possibility of BUFFERED BYPASS (volume pedal is in a chain with booster off but buffered without any loss of signal).
  • Fully Analog and completely handmade.


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