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Teaching Corner - "Coordination"

15 May 2014
Davide Pannozzo

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back ! ;)

As you know, in the last lesson we talked about how to optimize our daily "workout" on the guitar.

Today I'm going to talk about guitar technique and in particular the coordination of the right hand and the left hand.

That's often an underated subject, but it is one of the first things that I face with my students in my "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar Online" .

Have a proper coordination also means having:

1 ) Better sound

2 ) Improved accuracy

3 ) Increased relax when you play


If we have a proper coordination, our touch will be more accurate, and the energy of our picking will be controlled by a more thoughtful movement.

Consequently, it improves the sound thanks to a less "random" touch.

Being relaxed is crucial to express better what we want to say, especially when we play live, where we already have to manage the tensions related to the "Live" factor. 


What to do?

I transcribed a couple of exercises that I hope you will find useful to improve your basic technique.

Start very slowly (70-80bpm)! In order to do this, it doesn't matter to go fast! Let's worry especially about the precision of movement and touch.

You'll find a version with alternate picking and a version with pull-off and hammer-on.


Exercise #1

Exercise #1 (with hammer-on and pull-off )

Exercise #2

Exercise #2 (with hammer-on and pull-off)


If you have any questions you can always email me at info@davidepannozzo.com


I hope to be helpful! See you next lesson!

Best wishes,

Davide Pannozzo

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