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Teaching Corner - "Stevie Ray Vaughan Style" - 26/05/2014

26 May 2014
Davide Pannozzo

Hello to everyone,

here we are with our " teaching " appointment!

Today I decided to introduce you a guitarist who has influenced me a lot and has played a key role on many guitarists of the new generation: Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Stevie Ray is unanimously regarded as a musical bridge between the style of Jimi Hendrix and Albert King.

His way of playing the solo part and the accompaniment part almost at the same time ( as he says in an interview over ) makes his style unique.


How to get his sound?

To get his sound try using the neck pickup and a classic Ts 808 or TS 9, very wide vibratos and a very mighty right-handed! :-)

One of the secrets of Stevie Ray was certainly the left hand: with that, he stopped the strings that he did not want to sound (both in rhythm and in solo section). In that way he had the possibility to give all the power he needed with his right hand, creating that typical sound that it sets him apart.

I decided to write you three simple licks in his style and a part of the comping of " Pride and Joy "

Stevie Ray Vaughan Licks


Have Fun!


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