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Teaching Corner - "Who Cares"

03 September 2015
Davide Pannozzo

Today, for the heading "Teaching Corner" I'm going to propose a song from the album "Born Electric" came out in 2012 with the Emarcy / Universal Music Italy: "Who Cares".

It is a song with a funk groove with shades of pop on the bridge and the chorus.


How to get the right sound?

I recommend you to use a Fender Stratocaster with the single coil neck pickup or third position and a bit of Overdrive.

For the amp, you can use a tube amp without overemphasizing middle eq. I recommend keeping a "flat" setting.

On the other hand, you could just use a sound a bit 'more rough, combining two Overdrive or an Overdrive and a booster for the solo section.


Download the chart


Here you can listen to the song! See you at the next lesson!!

"WHO CARES" - da Born Electric (2012)

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