Master Class with Davide Pannozzo. Modern Guittar Lessons | Davide Pannozzo

Do you like to organize a Master Class with Davide Pannozzo?

Davide has been doing Master Classes for many years with a large success in academia, university, music school and music stores.

That is an excellent opportunity to have a  "full immersion" with one of the most exciting modern blues guitar player around.

His Master Class "The Long Road to The Blues" is a path into the blues, from the origins to the modern and contemporary expressions of the genre. Born himself as a classic bluesman, Davide imposed himself as an innovator of the blues.

Some of the topics are:

  • modern improvisation (the articulation of the blues phrasing and contamination of traditional jazz; the proper use of rhythmic phrasing; the concept of "evolution of the idea");
  • the approach and understanding of the genre (choose to play with an old or modern style, how to use the pentatonic modes and symmetrical scales);
  • advanced harmonic techniques ("superimpositions") on the structures of the blues/jazz;
  • chords and harmonic structures used in the modern blues;
  • the concept of "groove" on guitar, the techniques of comping;
  • using the pick and picking techniques;
  • using the right hand; 
  • how to deal with the tension of a gig and the concept of relaxation;
  • the breathing.

At the request of the organization, the Master Class is also available in the formula of "Lezione Concerto" with Davide Pannozzo Trio (Guitar / Bass / Drums). 

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