| Davide Pannozzo

GUITARlab Vol. 2, Comping The Modern Blues

After the first volume, reserved entirely to improvisation, I decided to dedicate this second one to the comping, an inexhaustible and often unexplored universe. Here too, you will need to understand this manual as a place from which to get ideas. GUITARLab was in fact created by this assumption and is designed to help you to find your voice, build your style, provide interesting ideas to create new phrases or comping lines.

From chapter to chapter, you will find many comping lines adapted in different contexts. All you have to do is to read these ideas, play them, make them yours, and decompose them, change them, deconstruct them, generating new and original ones.

The difficulty often encountered during the comping is to find the right feeling, to be right in the given situation in which you play, even more into the Blues and in its infinite derivations and shades. Understanding the context in which you are playing and how to move into that is doubtless fundamental! And it is the reason why I decided to suggest different styles, each one played according to my taste, showing you the licks and lines that have become the cornerstones of the Blues. 

Do not think that in the comping there is no improvisation! Use your instinct and transform the material, created especially for you, in these pages. Bring out your voice and make it authentic.

What you'll get in the ebook: 
  • Music Scores & Tabs with 80 pages of note-per-note transcriptions.
  • 15 chapters in different styles and compings to use on the Modern Blues.
  • 13 backing tracks for guitar to improve your comping
  • HD Videos




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