| Davide Pannozzo

Ep 2015

Ep 2015
Davide Pannozzo
You Got Me Floating
It Hurts Me Too
Feels Like Rain
If Six Was Nine
Woman's Love

Waiting for the new album not to be missed, here is the intense EP of Davide Pannozzo.

Davide Pannozzo, the incredible EP of the Italian guitarist. Waiting for the new album not to be missed, here is the intense EP of Davide Pannozzo. Six tracks, four of which - It Hurts Me Too, Feels like rain, If 6 Was 9 and Woman's Love - recorded in October of the same year in the legendary studio in Rome Terminal 2. An amazing live sessions, witnessed by three videos upcoming , where Davide Pannozzo and his rhythm section - Simone Pannozzo on drums and Lello Somma on bass - have given proof of what will happen in the recording project in the pipeline in the coming months. Rounding out the playlist songs You got me floating and Freedom, traits and remastered from the album A portrait of Jimi Hendrix, the interesting tribute to the guitarist of Seattle at the top of the charts around the world for several weeks. The original song that bears the signature of Davide Pannozzo is Woman's Love, appeared in older Born Electric, and is already a perfect algorithm of the virtues of its author. Guitarist, singer, composer, Davide Pannozzo album after album won critical acclaim and the warm embrace of his audience. This powerful EP, which climbs into cover by no means simple and claiming the multifaceted personality of Davide Pannozzo, confirms his undisputed artistic maturity and anticipates the mood and atmosphere of the forthcoming album. No overdubbing and a vibrant live performance that draws the listener in a concert after just a few moments. Six tracks that are told as an incredible listening experience.

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