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Using different Pentatonic Scales over a Min7 Chord

Hello guys,

today I'm going to talk about how to play over a Min7 chord using different Pentatonic Scales. 

Obviously, when we see a Min7 chord we might think to play a couple of sounding great solutions like:

1) Minor Pentatonic on the Root

2) Doric Scale on the Root.


That's fine! But what about considering to play the extensions of the chord?
What if we decided to play the 9th, 11th, 13th even if those intervals are not played in the chord? We can do that!!

Dominant Seventh Pentatonic Scale


I thought to write a blog post to recap the scale we talked about in the 3° Masterclass di Blues Moderno ONLINE:  The Dominant Seventh Pentatonic.

If you lost the live streaming, you can see it joining the free class here: