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Pentatonic Modes

Hello everyone,

for the next four weeks, I decided to reply to the questions I often get through the social or via email and to create a few specific Free Lessons!

This week I'm going to talk about Pentatonic Mode and how to use them on the fretboard.

Click below to see the video.

GUITARlab - Contemporary ideas for Blues Guitar Players

GUITARLab, the teaching method signed by "Davide Pannozzo", is the result of years of teaching, study, and experience with my students. A method that could adapt to the needs of each, which could open the mind and heart to the language of your guitar. The goal is to be more aware of their instrument, music, you, yourself and your creativity. The exact declination of the study is to express themselves using the best tools and to invent always brand new.


Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE

Teaching has always been a passion and responsibility. Responsibility for future generations of musicians; passion, because only through that it can be taught to love an instrument, then the music. Learn and live music, in my teaching, they reflecting: the one and the other are governed by study and dedication, listening and curiosity. The lesson is an excuse to have fun learning with rigor and discipline. Without forgetting that music is above all a feast for the ears and the heart.

Do you like to organize a Master Class with Davide Pannozzo?

Davide has been doing Master Classes for many years with a large success in academia, university, music school and music stores.

That is an excellent opportunity to have a  "full immersion" with one of the most exciting modern blues guitar player around.

His Master Class "The Long Road to The Blues" is a path into the blues, from the origins to the modern and contemporary expressions of the genre. Born himself as a classic bluesman, Davide imposed himself as an innovator of the blues.

Some of the topics are: