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Admissions open for "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE" 2017-2018

(UPDATE August 1st)

Hello, everybody! The admissions are now open for the "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar ONLINE" 2017-2018!

Until July 31st  August 31st you can book your spot and get a 20% off for the whole year!

The spots available are only 10! Currently, we have only 3 spots available!

So, hurry up! Ask me anything about the course at info@davidepannozzo.com.

Teaching Corner - "Who Cares"

Today, for the heading "Teaching Corner" I'm going to propose a song from the album "Born Electric" came out in 2012 with the Emarcy / Universal Music Italy: "Who Cares".

It is a song with a funk groove with shades of pop on the bridge and the chorus.


How to get the right sound?

I recommend you to use a Fender Stratocaster with the single coil neck pickup or third position and a bit of Overdrive.

Teaching Corner - A different approach to the Pentatonic Scale.

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I'd like to talk about the pentatonic scale! Certainly to play the Blues this is a crucial scale. But mind you, it is essential also for other genres, and even for more advanced applications, for example, to play on altered chords maintaining a sound more "open" and "bluesy" than the modal scales. I will speak later about that.

So be careful not to underestimate it !! :)

New cover on Patreon: Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

Hello to Everyone!

After "Old Love" by Eric Clapton, the new cover produced for the crowfunding project on Patreon  is "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley!


If you like, support me for the next productions!


This is the link to give your support for the next productions if you like!

"A Portrait of Jimi Hendrix" is the first classified on iTunes!

Finally today (Jimi's birthday), after months of waiting, "A Portrait Of Jimi Hendrix" was released in worldwide digital stores!

With great surprise we found our title #1 on iTunes Top 100 Blues Chart of Italy!!

Thank you so much to everyone who bought the title in pre-sale on iTunes! I hope to see you soon, hopefully during our Winter Tour, that will start on November 29th with Mark Mondesir as special guest on drums!


All the best,




Teaching Corner - "How to recognize the beat in music"

Hi everybody,

today I'm going to talk about a topic apparently very easy, but crucial for our musical formation: how to recognize the beat in music!

You will certainly have noticed, during a concert, a difference between people in the clap of their hands to keep the tempo of a song. 

They are divided into two groups:

Teaching Corner - "Breathing"

Dear friends, 

welcome back to the "Teaching Corner".
Today I would like to talk you about one aspect for me that is crucial, often overlooked in music education: the breath. An act so natural and instinctive really can be our salvation to manage the tension built up before a concert, recording, or while you are playing. 

1° Masterclass about Modern Blues ONLINE

Hey everybody,

this post is dedicated to a new intiative that I had in mind since a long time.

Teaching Corner - "How to overcome fear of playing LIVE"

Hello to everybody,

Welcome back again to my BLOG! :)

Today I'm not going to tell you about the notes, but something that is intimately related to musical expression.

One of the cornerstones of my "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar Online" is in fact to create a more constructive and positive mental approach towards music.

Teaching Corner - "Stevie Ray Vaughan Style" - 26/05/2014

Hello to everyone,

here we are with our " teaching " appointment!

Today I decided to introduce you a guitarist who has influenced me a lot and has played a key role on many guitarists of the new generation: Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Stevie Ray is unanimously regarded as a musical bridge between the style of Jimi Hendrix and Albert King.