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Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar

Hello, guys! 
Here we are with a new exciting news!

After 15 years of teaching, master classes and concerts around the world, the most frequent questions that I get asked are: what scale did you use in that song? How did you consider that change? What kind of fingering do you use on that scale?

For this reason, I decided to make available this information using a new way of teaching through a new section on my website, covering specific topics on the Modern Blues. 


How to play over the I IV change



Welcome to a new lesson! After the last on "How to play The Modern Blues" now I'm going to show you how to play over the I-IV change, giving it an altered sound.

Playing the Modern Blues

Hello everyone,

Today we're going to learn how to apply some simple harmonic concepts to our playing over the Blues form.
You may have been using the pentatonic scales over three chords so far, and there's nothing wrong with that. Many guitar players that made history have used that.

But now the question is: how to play the same tools in a different way to underline the changes, be more efficient over them and sounds more modern? 

Let's try some options:

It Hurts Me Too

Waiting for the new album not to be missed, here is the intense EP of Davide Pannozzo