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Using different Pentatonic Scales over a Min7 Chord

Hello guys,

today I'm going to talk about how to play over a Min7 chord using different Pentatonic Scales. 

Obviously, when we see a Min7 chord we might think to play a couple of sounding great solutions like:

1) Minor Pentatonic on the Root

2) Doric Scale on the Root.


That's fine! But what about considering to play the extensions of the chord?
What if we decided to play the 9th, 11th, 13th even if those intervals are not played in the chord? We can do that!!

Dominant Seventh Pentatonic Scale


I thought to write a blog post to recap the scale we talked about in the 3° Masterclass di Blues Moderno ONLINE:  The Dominant Seventh Pentatonic.

If you lost the live streaming, you can see it joining the free class here: 


Teaching Corner - "Blues Comping - Part.1" (VIDEO)



Hello to everyone!

Today I'm going to talk about the blues comping.

Well, there is much to say about this topic: the comping is an art, as the improvisation, and you will never end to learn about that!

In this short article, I will give you general indications that can help you improve your comping since the first picking.


First of all, some general info.

Teaching Corner - "How to recognize the beat in music"

Hi everybody,

today I'm going to talk about a topic apparently very easy, but crucial for our musical formation: how to recognize the beat in music!

You will certainly have noticed, during a concert, a difference between people in the clap of their hands to keep the tempo of a song. 

They are divided into two groups:

Teaching Corner - "Breathing"

Dear friends, 

welcome back to the "Teaching Corner".
Today I would like to talk you about one aspect for me that is crucial, often overlooked in music education: the breath. An act so natural and instinctive really can be our salvation to manage the tension built up before a concert, recording, or while you are playing. 

Teaching Corner - "How to overcome fear of playing LIVE"

Hello to everybody,

Welcome back again to my BLOG! :)

Today I'm not going to tell you about the notes, but something that is intimately related to musical expression.

One of the cornerstones of my "Advanced Course of Blues Guitar Online" is in fact to create a more constructive and positive mental approach towards music.

Teaching Corner - "Stevie Ray Vaughan Style" - 26/05/2014

Hello to everyone,

here we are with our " teaching " appointment!

Today I decided to introduce you a guitarist who has influenced me a lot and has played a key role on many guitarists of the new generation: Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Stevie Ray is unanimously regarded as a musical bridge between the style of Jimi Hendrix and Albert King.

Teaching Corner - "Coordination"

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back ! ;)

As you know, in the last lesson we talked about how to optimize our daily "workout" on the guitar.

Today I'm going to talk about guitar technique and in particular the coordination of the right hand and the left hand.

Teaching Corner - "How to optimize our workout"

Hello everybody,
as I promised, today we are inaugurating a new space on the blog dedicated to teaching: The Teaching Corner! :)

Today, let's talk about how to optimize our work-out on the guitar!

I often say to my students that there is only one thing that will enable them to grow quickly and profitably: to HAVE CONSTANCY.
Studying six hours a day and stop for the next ten will not bring you ANY benefit.

Some mechanisms, they indeed need to be treated with patience and dedication before being placed in its playing.