Three Cool Cats | Davide Pannozzo

Three Cool Cats

Three Cool Cats features the guitar wiz Davide Pannozzo, applying his expert playing with an acoustic guitar. This disc includes three originals and seven covers that are not only well chosen but are dressed in arrangements that create totally unique new songs. From the beginning, The Three gave birth to a mix of music that ranges from blues to funk to jazz. The rhythm is entrusted to the harmonic instruments, which create a dynamic, interlocking, rhythmic intrigue, (thanks to the use of samples and real-time effects). The live experience is overwhelming and full of emotions. Kind of a novelty, but you will find a lot to like here.

Davide Pannozzo - Acoustic Guitars & Backing Vocals

Mark Hanna - Acoustic Guitars & Lead Vocals

Pippo Matino - Electric Bass