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Playing MS Booster by Matteo Spiro

Designed to meet the needs that other pedals fail to meet the MSB has the primary goal to maintain the dynamics of the instrument and have much possible headroom working at 18VDC while being fed with regular 9VDC.

Among the features that make it a unique and versatile pedal are:

Teaching Corner - "How to optimize our workout"

Hello everybody,
as I promised, today we are inaugurating a new space on the blog dedicated to teaching: The Teaching Corner! :)

Today, let's talk about how to optimize our work-out on the guitar!

I often say to my students that there is only one thing that will enable them to grow quickly and profitably: to HAVE CONSTANCY.
Studying six hours a day and stop for the next ten will not bring you ANY benefit.

Some mechanisms, they indeed need to be treated with patience and dedication before being placed in its playing.

"Blues In The Pocket" minus drums & minus bass version are available!

Hey folks, 

after many mails and requests we have put online the minus drums & minus bass version of the backing tracks "Blues In The Pocket" Vol.1&2 - the new backing tracks played by real musicians!

Check 'em out to the following links: