QP SLIDE BRAVE (Davide Pannozzo Signature)


Our collaboration with Maestro Davide Pannozzo, excellent and award-winning guitarist of Modern Blues, now stable for several years in New York, has given rise to his Signature model.

Davide really liked our BRAVE model, and by choosing to use it on the middle finger, we started with the smallest member of the QP SLIDE family and optimized it for this specific use.
We have slightly increased the size, a few grams of difference but enough to give more control and in general a better experience when playing.

For those who do not want to give up a finger while playing with his Bottleneck here is BRAVE.
Especially popular in standard tuning, BRAVE lets you play freely with all fingers of your hand.

We recommend choosing the size so that it stops on the central phalanx of the finger; the inclined planes on both sides allow the finger to bend comfortably and therefore play in fretting even with the finger that wears it.
The beam that follows the inclined planes both inside and outside make it very comfortable indeed.

BRAVE has been the subject of careful study, prototyping, testing and optimization phases and the result is truly exceptional. Despite its small size, it allows great precision in the passages and gives a warm sound rich in harmonics.

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