The New Single is Out!

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Hey everyone!
I’m pretty excited to tell you we have a new single out today!! 

If you followed the last updates on my socials, you should know I’ve decided to share with you guys the whole journey of the new album! 

I’m going to release a new single every 2-3 months and through the website Patreon (click here to check that out: I’m going to be sharing every single step of the new album. 

And with you and all the people who’ll decide to support me joining the new community, we will create something new. Together! How cool is that?

Today it’s the first “baby step” of this new concept of making music! 
You can check out my rendition of the BB King’s song “The Thrill Is Gone”!

I always wanted to create a version of this beautiful Blues standard! 

Here’s the link to Spotify: 

And here’s the link to watch the video live in the studio:

PLEASE, share the links on your socials, with your friends and if you like to support the new songs, please join the new community on Patreon:

I hope you’re going to love this journey as much as I’m doing!

Davide Pannozzo


The Thrill Is Gone (cover by Toby Hall)